Expanding Your Luxury Experience with Bentley Intense


The sheer elegance and unerring sophistication of Bentley, a name synonymous with uncompromising luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship, takes the precedent with the introduction of Bentley Intense. This intimate fragrance captivates with a carefully crafted balance of sophistication and warmth. This isn’t an ordinary scent, it’s the definition of an opulent olfactory journey.

Delving into the Heart of Bentley Intense

Bentley Intense is a potent elixir of the highest quality. Its distinguishing factor lies in the heart notes of the fragrance, exuding an intense and luxurious impression. Woody notes of African geranium, clary sage and exquisite incense capture an unforgettable sense of sophistication.

Unveiling Bentley Intense: A Dynamic Profile

The fragrance was formulated with an intent to inspire boldness and confidence, embodying the principles and spirit of the Bentley brand. Bentley Intense combines the warmth of oriental tones with deep, rich elements that make it a standout among fragrances in the luxury niche.

The Composition of Bentley Intense

Beyond its effective presentation, Bentley Intense demarcates a powerful blend of luxury and longevity. It combines an eclectic mix of elements in a package that is as visually refined as the aroma it secures. Bentley’s deep seated commitment to attention to detail remains dominant in the design and creation of Bentley Intense.

The Intense Journey: Bentley Intense Perfume

The first essence you experience with Bentley Intense is a refreshing note of black pepper that creates a vibrant and spicy impression. As it settles, the middle notes provide a dynamic contrast to the pepper with intoxicating hints of geranium, cinnamon, and leather. The final note that lingers is the warm and sensual essence of sandalwood, which adds a compelling complexity.

Bentley Intense: A Masterpiece Mist

Richly layered, Bentley Intense exudes the perfect equilibrium of oriental and spicy notes which linger throughout the day. Its scent profile is an aromatic journey that balances the signature feel of Bentley with a distinct sensory experience.

Capitalizing the Day, Dominating the Night with Bentley Intense

As the sun ascends, Bentley Intense proves to be a regal companion, synthesizing with your persona for a compelling and invigorating scent throughout the day. In the realm of the night, its rich aura upholds the night for an unforgettable impression of elegance and charm.

Ageless Appeal: Bentley Intense

The exclusivity of Bentley Intense lies in its ageless appeal. Its blend of high notes delivers a unique and timeless scent, making it a perfect choice for men of all ages.


Bentley Intense is not merely a perfume – it’s a reflection of the Bentley brand’s uncompromising dedication to quality and the finer things in life. From its refined aesthetic to its carefully balanced composition, Bentley Intense hypnotizes the senses and all who are lucky enough to experience it.

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